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The Central Listed 80 Articles That Violated Eight Provisions
Author: Unknown Source: Internet Editor: jjxwzzgs

I. Fund Management

严禁以各种名义突击花钱和滥发津贴、补贴、奖金、实物。 1. It's strictly forbidden to spend money in a variety of names and allowances, subsidies, bonuses, and kind in the name.

严禁用公款购买、印制、邮寄、赠送贺年卡、明信片、年历等物品。 2. It is strictly forbidden to use public funds to purchase, print, mail, and give away Chinese New Year cards, postcards, annual calendars and other items.

严禁用公款购买赠送烟花爆竹、烟酒、花卉、食品等年货节礼(慰问困难群众职工不在此限)。 3. It is strictly forbidden to use public funds to purchase gifts such as fireworks and firecrackers, tobacco, alcohol, flowers, food, etc. (except condolences to employees in need).

依法取得的各项收入必须纳入符合规定的单位账簿核算,严禁违规转移到机关所属工会、培训中心、服务中心等单位账户使用。 4. All income obtained in accordance with the law must be included in the accounting books of units that meet the requirements. It is strictly forbidden to transfer to the accounts of unions, training centers, service centers and other units that are affiliated with the agency for use.

严禁超预算或无预算安排支出,严禁虚列支出、转移或者套取预算资金。 5. It is strictly forbidden to arrange expenditures over budget or without budgets, and it is strictly forbidden to make false expenditures, transfer or draw budget funds.

严格控制国内差旅费、因公临时出国费、公务接待费、公务用车购置及运行费、会议费、培训费等支出,年度预算执行中不予追加。 6. Strictly control domestic travel expenses, temporary travel abroad expenses, official reception expenses, official vehicle purchase and operation expenses, conference expenses, training expenses and other expenses. No additional fees will be added during the implementation of the annual budget.

严格开支范围和标准,严格支出报销审核,不得报销任何超范围、超标准以及与相关公务活动无关的费用。 7. Strict expenditure scope and standards, strict review of expenditure reimbursement, and must not reimburse any expenses that are out of scope, beyond standards, and have nothing to do with related official business activities.

政府采购严格执行经费预算和资产配置标准,合理确定采购需求,不得超标准采购,不得超出办公需要采购服务。 8. Government procurement strictly implements the funding budget and asset allocation standards, reasonably determines procurement requirements, and must not exceed standard purchases or exceed office procurement services.

严格执行政府采购程序,不得违反规定以任何方式和理由指定或者变相指定品牌、型号、产地。 9. Strictly implement government procurement procedures, and shall not designate or disguise the brand, model, and place of production in any way and for any reason in violation of the regulations.

2. Official reception

严禁用公款大吃大喝或安排与公务无关的宴请;严禁用公款安排旅游、健身和高消费娱乐活动。 10. It is strictly forbidden to eat and drink with public funds or arrange banquets not related to official business; it is strictly forbidden to use public funds to arrange tourism, fitness and high-consumption entertainment activities.


禁止异地部门间没有特别需要的一般性学习交流、考察调研,禁止违反规定到风景名胜区举办会议和活动。 11. It is forbidden to conduct general study exchanges, investigations and investigations between departments in different places without special needs, and it is forbidden to hold meetings and activities in scenic spots in violation of regulations.

对无公函的公务活动不予接待,严禁将非公务活动纳入接待范围。 12. The official business activities without official letters are not accepted, and non-public business activities are strictly prohibited from being included in the scope of reception.

不得用公款报销或者支付应由个人负担的费用;不得要求将休假、探亲、旅游等活动纳入国内公务接待范围。 13. No public funds can be used for reimbursement or payment of expenses that should be borne by individuals; no vacations, family visits, tourism, etc. must be included in the scope of domestic official reception.

不得在机场、车站、码头和辖区边界组织迎送活动,不得跨地区迎送,不得张贴悬挂标语横幅,不得安排群众迎送,不得铺设迎宾地毯。 14. No pick-up and drop-off activities shall be organized at airports, stations, wharfs and borders of jurisdictions, no cross-area welcome pick-ups, no slogan banners, no mass arrangements for welcome pick-ups, and no welcome carpet shall be laid.

住宿用房以标准间为主,接待省部级干部可以安排普通套间,不得额外配发洗漱用品。 15. The accommodation rooms are mainly standard rooms. Provincial and ministerial-level cadres can arrange ordinary suites and must not distribute extra toiletries.

接待对象应当按照规定标准自行用餐,接待单位可以安排工作餐一次。 16. Recipients shall dine by themselves according to the prescribed standards, and the reception unit may arrange a working meal once. 10 人以内的,陪餐人数不得超过 3 人;超过 10 人的,不得超过接待对象人数的三分之一。 If the number of recipients is less than 10 , the number of persons accompanying the meal shall not exceed 3 ; if the number of recipients exceeds 10 , it shall not exceed one third of the number of recipients.

工作餐应当供应家常菜,不得提供鱼翅、燕窝等高档菜肴和用野生保护动物制作的菜肴,不得提供香烟和高档酒水,不得使用私人会所、高消费餐饮场所。 17. Working meals should be served with home-cooked meals. Shark fins, bird's nests and other high-end dishes and dishes made with protected wild animals shall not be provided. Cigarettes and high-end drinks shall not be provided. Private clubs or high-consumer dining places shall not be used.

国内公务接待的出行活动应当安排集中乘车,合理使用车型,严格控制随行车辆。 18. Travel activities for domestic official reception should be arranged for centralized rides, reasonable use of vehicle models, and strict control of accompanying vehicles.

公务接待费用应当全部纳入预算管理,单独列示。 19. Official reception expenses should be fully included in the budget management and listed separately.

禁止在接待费中列支应当由接待对象承担的差旅、会议、培训等费用,禁止以举办会议、培训为名列支、转移、隐匿接待费开支;禁止向下级单位及其他单位、企业、个人转嫁接待费用,禁止在非税收入中坐支接待费用;禁止借公务接待名义列支其他支出。 20. It is forbidden to include travel expenses, conferences, training and other expenses that should be borne by the recipients in the reception fee. It is forbidden to list, transfer, or hide reception expenses in the name of holding meetings and training; it is forbidden to subordinate units and other units, Enterprises and individuals pass on hospitality expenses. It is forbidden to spend hospitality expenses on non-tax income; other expenses are not allowed in the name of official hospitality.

接待单位不得超标准接待;县级以上地方党委、政府按照当地会议用餐标准制定公务接待工作餐开支标准。 21. Reception units shall not exceed the standard reception; local party committees and governments at or above the county level shall formulate expenditure standards for official reception work meals in accordance with local meeting dining standards.

接待单位不得组织旅游和与公务活动无关的参观,不得组织到营业性娱乐、健身场所活动,不得安排专场文艺演出,不得以任何名义赠送礼金、有价证券、纪念品和土特产品等。 22. The receiving unit shall not organize tourism and visits unrelated to official business activities, shall not organize business entertainment and fitness venue activities, shall not arrange special cultural performances, and shall not give gifts, valuable securities, souvenirs and local products in any name.

公务活动结束后,接待单位应当如实填写接待清单。 23. After the official business activities, the reception unit shall truthfully fill in the reception list. The reception list includes the unit, name, title, and official activity items, time, place, and cost of the recipient.

接待费报销凭证应当包括财务票据、派出单位公函和接待清单。 24. The receipt reimbursement voucher should include financial bills, official letters from dispatched units, and a reception list.

Meeting activities

会议费预算要细化到具体会议项目,执行中不得突破。 25. The conference fee budget should be detailed to specific conference items and must not be exceeded in implementation. Meeting costs should be included in the departmental budget and listed separately.

二、三、四类会议会期均不得超过 2 天;传达、布置类会议会期不得超过 1 天。 26. The duration of the second, third and fourth category meetings shall not exceed 2 days; the duration of the communication and arrangement meetings shall not exceed 1 day. 2 天,四类会议合计不得超过 1 天。 The registration and departure time of the meeting shall not exceed 2 days for the first, second and third categories , and shall not exceed 1 day for the fourth category .

二类会议参会人员不得超过 300 人,其中,工作人员控制在会议代表人数的 15% 以内;三类会议参会人员不得超过 150 人,其中,工作人员控制在会议代表人数的 10% 以内;四类会议参会人员视内容而定,一般不得超过 50 人。 27. The number of participants in the second type of conference shall not exceed 300 , of which the staff shall be controlled within 15% of the number of delegates; the number of participants in the third type of conference shall not exceed 150 , of which the staff shall be controlled by 10% Within; The participants of the four types of conferences depend on the content, and generally should not exceed 50 people.

各单位会议应当到定点饭店召开,按照协议价格结算费用。 28. The meetings of all units shall be convened at the designated hotel, and the fees shall be settled according to the agreed price. The internal conference rooms, auditoriums, hotels, guest houses, and training centers of the units that are not included in the fixed-point range and whose prices are lower than the comprehensive quota of the conference can be used as the meeting place of the unit or the system.

会议费开支范围包括会议住宿费、伙食费、会议室租金、交通费、文件印刷费、医药费等。 29. The conference expenses include conference accommodation, meals, conference room rent, transportation, document printing, medical expenses, etc.

会议费由会议召开单位承担,不得向参会人员收取,不得以任何方式向下属机构、企事业单位、地方转嫁或摊派。 30. The conference fee shall be borne by the conference convening unit, and shall not be collected from the participants, nor shall it be passed on or apportioned to the subordinate institutions, enterprises, institutions, localities in any way.

会议费报销时应当提供会议审批文件、会议通知及实际参会人员签到表、定点饭店等会议服务单位提供的费用原始明细单据、电子结算单等凭证。 31. When meeting expenses are reimbursed, meeting approval documents, meeting notices, and actual attendee sign-in sheets, designated hotels and other meeting service units should provide vouchers such as original detailed documents and electronic settlement slips.

严禁各单位借会议名义组织会餐或安排宴请;严禁套取会议费设立“小金库”;严禁在会议费中列支公务接待费。 32. It is strictly forbidden for all units to organize meals or arrange banquets in the name of the conference; it is strictly forbidden to collect conference fees to set up a "small treasury"; it is strictly forbidden to include official service expenses in the conference fees.

各单位应严格执行会议用房标准,不得安排高档套房;会议用餐严格控制菜品种类、数量和份量,安排自助餐,严禁提供高档菜肴,不安排宴请,不上烟酒;会议会场一律不摆花草,不制作背景板,不提供水果。 33. All units shall strictly implement meeting room standards and shall not arrange high-end suites; meeting meals shall strictly control the variety, quantity and amount of dishes, arrange buffets, strictly prohibit the provision of high-end dishes, do not arrange banquets, and do not attend tobacco and alcohol; the meeting venues will not be placed Flowers, no background plate, no fruit provided.

不得使用会议费购置电脑、复印机、打印机、传真机等固定资产以及开支与本次会议无关的其他费用;不得组织会议代表旅游和与会议无关的参观;严禁组织高消费娱乐、健身活动;严禁以任何名义发放纪念品;不得额外配发洗漱用品。 34. Do n't use the conference fee to purchase computers, copiers, printers, fax machines and other fixed assets and other expenses not related to the conference; don't organize conference delegates' tours and visits unrelated to the conference; strictly prohibit the organization of high-consumption entertainment and fitness activities; Distributing souvenirs under any name is strictly prohibited; no additional toiletries are to be distributed.

未经批准,党政机关不得举办各类节会、庆典活动,不得举办论坛、博览会、展会活动。 35. Without approval, party and government organs may not organize various festivals, celebrations, forums, expositions, and exhibitions.

严禁使用财政性资金举办营业性文艺晚会。 36. It is strictly forbidden to use financial funds to hold business literary evenings.

严格控制和规范各类评比达标表彰活动,实行中央和省两级审批制度。 37. Strictly control and standardize all kinds of appraisal and commendation activities, and implement a central and provincial examination and approval system.

各级党政机关一律不得到八达岭-十三陵、承德避暑山庄外八庙、五台山、太湖、普陀山、黄山、九华山、武夷山、庐山、泰山、嵩山、武当山、武陵源(张家界)、白云山、桂林漓江、三亚热带海滨、峨眉山-乐山大佛、九寨沟-黄龙、黄果树、西双版纳、华山 21 个风景名胜区召开会议。 38. Party and government organs at all levels will not get Badaling-Shisanling, Chengde Mountain Resort outside the eight temples, Wutaishan, Taihu, Putuoshan, Huangshan, Jiuhuashan, Wuyishan, Lushan, Taishan, Songshan, Wudangshan, Wulingyuan (Zhangjiajie) Meetings were held in 21 scenic spots including Baiyun Mountain, Guilin Lijiang River, Sanya Tropical Seashore, Mount Emei-Leshan Giant Buddha, Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong, Huangguoshu, Xishuangbanna and Huashan .

地方各级党政机关的会议一律在本行政区域内召开,不得到其他地区召开;因工作需要确需跨行政区域召开会议的,必须报同级党委、政府批准。 39. Meetings of local party and government organs at all levels are convened within their own administrative regions and cannot be held in other regions; if work needs to be held across administrative regions, they must be reported to the party committee and government at the same level for approval.

严禁超出规定时限为参会人员提供食宿,严禁组织与会议无关的参观、考察等活动。 40. It is strictly forbidden to provide room and board for the participants beyond the prescribed time limit, and it is strictly forbidden to organize visits, inspections and other activities not related to the conference.

严禁在会议费、培训费、接待费中列支风景名胜区等各类旅游景点门票费、导游费、景区内设施使用费、往返景区交通费等应由个人承担的费用。 41. It is strictly forbidden to include expenses such as entrance fees, tour guide fees, facilities use fees, and transportation fees to and from scenic spots in various tourist attractions, such as scenic spots, in conference fees, training fees, and reception fees.

4. Business travel

出差人员应当按规定等级乘坐交通工具。 42. Business travellers should take transportation according to the prescribed level. If you do not take the transportation according to the prescribed level, the overexpenditure part shall be borne by the individual.

出差人员应当在职务级别对应的住宿费标准限额内,选择安全、经济、便捷的宾馆住宿。 43. Business travelers should choose safe, economical and convenient hotel accommodation within the standard limit of accommodation fees corresponding to their job levels.

伙食补助费按出差自然 ( 日历 ) 天数计算,按规定标准包干使用。 44. The meal subsidy is calculated based on the natural ( calendar ) days of the business trip , and it is used as a contract.

出差人员应当自行用餐。 45. Travelers should dine by themselves. Where the reception unit arranges meals uniformly, it shall pay the food expenses to the reception unit.

市内交通费按出差自然 ( 日历 ) 天数计算,每人每天 80 元包干使用。 46. The transportation fee in the city is calculated according to the natural ( calendar ) days of the business trip , and 80 yuan per person per day is used.

出差人员由接待单位或其他单位提供交通工具的,应向接待单位或其他单位交纳相关费用。 47. Travelers who provide transportation by the reception unit or other units shall pay relevant fees to the reception unit or other units.

出差人员应当严格按规定开支差旅费,费用由所在单位承担,不得向下级单位、企业或其他单位转嫁。 48. Business travellers shall strictly pay travel expenses in accordance with regulations. The expenses shall be borne by the unit to which they belong and shall not be passed on to subordinate units, enterprises or other units.

实际发生住宿而无住宿费发票的,不得报销住宿费以及城市间交通费、伙食补助费和市内交通费。 49. In the event of an actual accommodation without an invoice for accommodation costs, the accommodation costs as well as inter-city transportation costs, food subsidies and intra-city transportation costs shall not be reimbursed.

出差人员不得向接待单位提出正常公务活动以外的要求,不得在出差期间接受违反规定用公款支付的宴请、游览和非工作需要的参观,不得接受礼品、礼金和土特产品等。 50. Business travellers shall not make requests to the receiving unit other than normal official business activities, shall not accept banquets, excursions, and non-work visits in violation of regulations with public funds during business trips, and shall not accept gifts, gifts and local products.

V. Temporary Abroad

不得超预算或无预算安排出访团组。 51. It is not allowed to arrange trips or groups beyond budget. If there are special needs, they shall be submitted for approval in accordance with the prescribed procedures.

不得因人找事,不得安排照顾性和无实质内容的一般性出访,不得安排考察性出访。 52. No one can be found for personal reasons, no care-free and non-substantive general visits can be arranged, and no inspection visits can be arranged.

严禁接受或变相接受企事业单位资助,严禁向同级机关、下级机关、下属单位、企业、驻外机构等摊派或转嫁出访费用。 53. It is strictly forbidden to accept or disguise financial support from enterprises and institutions, and it is strictly forbidden to apportion or pass on the cost of travel to the same level of authorities, subordinate agencies, subordinate units, enterprises, institutions abroad.

出国人员应当优先选择由我国航空公司运营的国际航线,不得以任何理由绕道旅行,或以过境名义变相增加出访国家和时间。 54. Overseas personnel should give priority to international routes operated by Chinese airlines. They must not detour for any reason, or increase the number of countries and time in disguise in the name of transit.

按照经济适用的原则,通过政府采购等方式,选择优惠票价,并尽可能购买往返机票。 55. In accordance with the principle of economical applicability, select preferential fares through government procurement and other methods, and purchase round-trip air tickets whenever possible.

因公临时出国购买机票,须经本单位外事和财务部门审批同意。 56. Purchasing air tickets while traveling abroad for business must be approved by the foreign affairs and financial department of the unit. The ticket price shall be paid by the unit through official cards and bank transfers, and shall not be paid in cash.

出国人员应当严格按照规定安排交通工具,不得乘坐民航包机或私人、企业和外国航空公司包机。 57. Persons going abroad shall arrange transportation in strict accordance with regulations, and shall not take charter flights of civil aviation or private, corporate and foreign airlines.

出国人员根据出访任务需要在一个国家城市间往来,应当事先在出国计划中列明,并报本单位外事和财务部门批准。 58. Overseas personnel need to travel between cities in a country according to their missions. They should be listed in the plan for going abroad in advance and reported to the unit's foreign affairs and finance department for approval.

出国人员应当严格按照规定安排住宿,省部级人员可安排普通套房,住宿费据实报销;厅局级及以下人员安排标准间,在规定的住宿费标准之内予以报销。 59. Abroad personnel should arrange accommodation in strict accordance with regulations. Provincial and ministerial personnel can arrange ordinary suites, and accommodation expenses are reimbursed according to actual conditions. Department-level and below personnel arrange standard rooms to be reimbursed within the prescribed accommodation fee standards.

参加国际会议等的出国人员,如对方组织单位指定或推荐酒店,应通过询价方式从紧安排,超出费用标准的,须事先报经本单位外事和财务部门批准。 60. Overseas personnel participating in international conferences, such as the organization unit of the other party designating or recommending the hotel, should be arranged tightly through inquiry. If the cost exceeds the standard, it must be reported to the foreign affairs and financial department of the unit for approval in advance.

外方以现金或实物形式提供伙食费和公杂费接待我代表团组的,出国人员不再领取伙食费和公杂费。 61. If the foreign party receives food and miscellaneous expenses in cash or in kind to receive my delegation, those who go abroad will no longer receive meals and miscellaneous expenses.

出访用餐应当勤俭节约,不上高档菜肴和酒水,自助餐也要注意节俭。 62. Dining and visiting should be frugal and frugal, not high-end dishes and drinks, and buffets should also be frugal.

出访团组对外原则上不搞宴请,确需宴请的,应当连同出国计划一并报批,宴请标准按照所在国家一人一天的伙食费标准掌握。 63. The visiting group does not hold a banquet in principle. If a banquet is really necessary, it should be submitted for approval together with the plan for going abroad. The standard of the banquet is based on the one-day meal rate for the person in the country.

出访团组与我国驻外使领馆等外交机构和其他中资机构、企业之间一律不得用公款相互宴请。 64. The visiting delegations, diplomatic missions such as Chinese embassies and consulates abroad, and other Chinese-funded institutions and enterprises must not entertain each other with public funds.

出访团组原则上不对外赠送礼品。 65. In principle, the visiting group does not give gifts.

出访团组与我国驻外使领馆等外交机构和其他中资机构、企业之间一律不得以任何名义、任何方式互赠礼品或纪念品。 66. The visiting delegation and China's diplomatic missions and other diplomatic agencies and other Chinese-funded institutions and enterprises must not exchange gifts or souvenirs in any name or in any way.

Six, official vehicles

党政机关公务用车处置收入,扣除有关税费后全部上缴国库。 67. The income from the disposal of official vehicles of the party and government organs is deducted from relevant taxes and fees and turned over to the state treasury.

执法执勤用车配备应当严格限制在一线执法执勤岗位,机关内部管理和后勤岗位以及机关所属事业单位一律不得配备。 68. The allocation of law enforcement duty vehicles should be strictly limited to front-line law enforcement duty positions, and internal management and logistical positions of institutions and public institutions affiliated to the institution shall not be equipped.

除涉及国家安全、侦查办案等有保密要求的特殊工作用车外,执法执勤用车应当喷涂明显的统一标识。 69. Except for special work vehicles that have confidentiality requirements such as national security, investigation and handling of cases, law enforcement duty vehicles should be sprayed with a clear uniform logo.

各单位按照在编在岗公务员数量和职级核定补贴数额,严格公务交通补贴发放,不得擅自扩大补贴范围、提高补贴标准。 70. All units approve the amount of subsidies based on the number and ranks of civil servants on the job, strictly implement the payment of public transport subsidies, and may not expand the scope of subsidies or raise the standard of subsidies without authorization.

党政机关不得以特殊用途等理由变相超编制、超标准配备公务用车,不得以任何方式换用、借用、占用下属单位或其他单位和个人的车辆,不得接受企事业单位和个人赠送的车辆,不得以任何理由违反用途使用或固定给个人使用执法执勤、机要通信等公务用车,不得以公务交通补贴名义变相发放福利。 71. Party and government agencies must not disguise super-organizations and super-standard equipment for official purposes for reasons such as special purposes, and cannot exchange, borrow, or occupy vehicles of subordinate units or other units and individuals in any way. Vehicles shall not be used for any reason against the purpose or fixed for personal use, such as law enforcement duty, confidential communications, and other official vehicles, and shall not be disguised as benefits in the name of official transportation subsidies.

Seven, stop construction and clean up office space

各级党政机关自 2013 7 23 日日起 5 年内一律不得以任何形式和理由新建楼堂馆所。 72. Party and government organs at all levels shall not build new buildings or halls for any form or reason within 5 years from July 23 , 2013 . All buildings and halls projects that have been approved but have not yet started construction will be suspended.

各级党政机关不得以任何名义新建、改建、扩建内部接待场所,不得对机关内部接待场所进行超标准装修或者装饰、超标准配置家具和电器。 73. Party and government organs at all levels shall not build, rebuild or expand internal reception sites under any name, and shall not super-decorate or decorate the internal reception sites of the organs, or super-standard furnishings and electrical appliances.

维修改造项目要以消除安全隐患、恢复和完善使用功能为重点,严格履行审批程序,严格执行维修改造标准,严禁豪华装修。 74. Maintenance and renovation projects should focus on eliminating hidden safety hazards, restoring and improving use functions. Strictly implement the approval procedures, strictly implement maintenance and transformation standards, and strictly prohibit luxury decoration.

各级党政机关不得以任何理由安排财政资金用于包括培训中心在内的各类具有住宿、会议、餐饮等接待功能的设施或场所的维修改造。 75. Party and government organs at all levels shall not, for any reason, arrange for financial funds to be used for the maintenance and renovation of various facilities or places with reception functions such as accommodation, conferences, catering, etc., including training centers.

超过《党政机关办公用房建设标准》规定的面积标准占有、使用办公用房的,应予以腾退。 76. Occupying and using office space in excess of the area standard stipulated in the Construction Standards for Office Buildings of Party and Government Organs shall be vacated.

已经出租、出借的办公用房到期应予收回,租赁合同未到期的,租金收入严格按照收支两条线规定管理,到期后不得续租。 77. The office space that has been rented out or lent should be recovered when it expires. If the lease contract has not expired, the rental income shall be managed strictly in accordance with the two lines of revenue and expenditure, and the lease cannot be renewed after expiration.

领导干部在不同部门同时任职的,应在主要工作部门安排一处办公用房,其他任职部门不再安排办公用房; 78. Leading cadres who serve in different departments at the same time should arrange one office space in the main work department, and other office departments will no longer arrange office space;

领导干部工作调动的,由调入部门安排办公用房,原单位的办公用房不再保留。 79. For the transfer of work of leading cadres, the transferred department will arrange the office space, and the office space of the original unit will no longer be retained.

领导干部已办理离退休手续的,原单位的办公用房应及时腾退。 80. If the leading cadres have completed the procedures for retirement, the office space of the original unit shall be retired in a timely manner.

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